Sunday, January 30, 2011

Handlebar options

Its been a long time since my last post! And lots of stories to tell. But for now just a little data drop on handlebars.

I wanted some new lower bars for my "new" 1977 KH400, but I was unable to find much detail on how the ones I were considering were different. So I ordered three that I was considering, and thought I'd post some pictures here in case someone else was interested. These are all BikeMaster bars, although I have seen them for sale under different names. I put a stickie next to each with the handle bar's name, and the info actually stamped into the metal. The W-xxx number appears to be the width of the bar, in mm. Other comments:

Superbike: have the least pull back and are the lowest. I should also note that the center portion of the superbike bars appears to be only marginally wide enough to mount in my clamps

European: slightly higher than the superbike and have pullback closer to stock.

GP Touring: Have a funny bend to the bars, that depending on how you mount them either cants the center forward or drops the ends of the bars down. I suspect most people use these mounted with the ends slightly down.

Detailed high res pics here.