Tuesday, May 8, 2007


I must thank everyone for their pledges so far! I'm really happy to see the support for the LAF. It is a great organization!
I'm packing seriously now, as we leave for Sicilia at 11:45AM tomorrow! I think I have bought everything I need to replenish my supplies and tools. I also had one of my chronometers repaired and purchased a few new timing devices.
Importantly, I have heard back from my excellent mechanic in Spoleto! He has very thoroughly gone over the bike. He has replaced the rear rim that I bent last year (and hammered out to complete the event then!). And he has completely gone throughout the charging system and carburetor and done a myriad of other small repairs I requested. I'll only see the bike the night before the event starts, which is always makes me a bit nervous, but I'm hopeful all will be well with it. It will be like meeting an old friend!
I checked through the latest materials and I did find the actual mileages for each leg:

First Leg Sciacca - Sciacca 276/171
Second Leg Sciacca - Brocoli 334/208
Third Leg Brucoli - Brucoli 296/184
Fourth Leg Brucoli - Brucoli 220/137
Fifth Leg Brucoli - Sciacca 268/167
Total: 1,394/866

So soon Lo and I are off! I will definitely try to get some more posts in before the giro starts, and if there is good internet access during the giro I will post updates from there as well!

In Bocca al Luppo! (Into the wolf's mouth!)

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