Saturday, May 17, 2008

Spoleto Today, Motogiro next week!

Lorraine and I made it to Spoleto Wednesday. It was as easy as a long plane trip can be! It was hard to get off the flights after 14 hours arriving at 8AM and hop in a rental car to drive two hours to Spoleto. But Spoleto seems like a wonderful and sleepy town. There is a big festival here annually sometime in the summer, but it is quiet now.
Thursday I met with my friend Pirro and checked out my Mondial 175. I took it for a very short test ride and repacked all my spares and tools. I had brought many things to supplement my existing gear and to replace used up consumables. Everything looks good. Pirro will bring the bike to Roma for the giro. (Thank goodness I brought a new helmet. The one I had left here sat two years in its dark bag and smelled quite musty.)
Yesterday we visited Assisi, a really wonderful town. Its just beautiful. And the Cathedral of St Francis is stunning, especially the lower cathedral and the tomb. Giotto has great works all ofver the ceiling. You could spend a week there just studying the ceilings.
And last night we sat in a little cafe, only inches from the route of this years Mille Miglia. The 300 or so fantastic vintage cars streamed past as Lorraine and I sipped our drinks and cheered them on!
Tomorrow some friends are meeting us in Spoleto and we will spend the day socializing and checking out some sites. Then Monday we leave first thing in the morning for the Motogiro. At 2PM registration starts and the tech inspections for the bikes follow with rider briefings in the evening. We leave for Pescara on the first leg Tuesday.
As usual, with the hectic schedule of the race it may be impossible for me to post updates. If I cannot, I will be sure to provide full coverage after the event.
In bocca al lupo...

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