Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Every step is a battle

Is it just me? So many seemingly simple projects seem to become a battle to achieve success. Like I ordered new tires, shocks and brake pads for the truck. And then found they shipped me the wrong break pads. And I got a new GPS... and found the SW is way out of date and it seems Garmin has made the update process as tortuous as possible. Even when the project is completely under my control, it seems it can mushroom out of control and the simple project can become hard. In fact is seems like the easy projects are the ones that become a problem... the hard ones just stay hard. I mean, I expect replacing the seal on the master brake cylinder of the Alfa to be a messy and hard job. But I don't expect to have trouble fitting bullet connectors to the regulator on the mondial to be a problem. Or to get the wrong brake pads when I order a set for a modern truck. Or the map update on a new GPS to be a maze of forms, registrations downloads and installations. Oh well. As I often say: Every step is a battle. (Lets just hope it resolves as a pleasant process and a success.)

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