Friday, September 30, 2011

Roll Chart tips

The Giro d'California has provided roll charts this year! In the past the competitors had to make there own, and that could be a tough exercise. Here are a few tips for assembling the chart.
  • Mark the hour on the roll chart. The Roll chart only shows the minutes... and with everything going on, it can get confusing out there. Having the hour marked can be a minor help.
  • Use a long straight edge, like the edge of a table, to make the pieces straight as you tape them together. Just align the pieces with the edge as you tape them.
  • Tape the joints on both sides. Otherwise the chart gets tangled as you wind or unwind.
  • Run one long piece of tape all the way down the back of the chart. This makes it a little stronger.
 All done!

Just don't let this happen!

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