Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Front Stand for a Old Bike

Needed to put new tires on my recently acquired 1981 Kawasaki GPz550... found the typical modern front lift stand wouldn't fit (too wide for forks made for old school wheels and tires). But Cycle Gear has a cheap front stand on sale, and I found one of them (measured 5!) was narrow enough for the GPz. Actually, I probably could have bent any of them to fit.
It kind of worked but lifted the front end with too much pressure on the fork oil drain point. The problem was the pivoting platform didn't pivot back far enough. So I ground the bracket down and the problem was solved.

Note that you need to remove the rear wheel first and to be very careful when lifting to not pull the bike forward off of the center stand! (I do have a couple rear stands, but can't get them under the swing arm with the stock exhausts.)

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