Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Shorai Lightweight Battery

A year ago I put a lightweight Shorai battery in my Husky with great results (story here). I've been getting my 1981 GPz 550 ready for the road and I found that the previous battery acid fumes had rusted the battery box horribly. So I decided the GPz needed a Shorai battery as well.

The weight savings is fantastic! Here are the numbers for the conventional battery and the new one.

Yuasa YB12A-A:             8 lbs 13.3 oz  =  141.3oz  = 4006g

Shorai LFX14A5-BS12:   2 lbs 4.4 oz  =  36.4oz  =  1032g

So that is a savings of 6.5 pounds or 2.9kg!

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