Sunday, June 30, 2013

Loctite 5910, 598 and Permatex Ultra Black: KTM 350 EXC-F

Valve Cover Gasket Sealants

On my KTM, the corners of the “half circle” parts of the valve cover rubber gasket are supposed to have a little bit of “Loctite 5910” put on them before installation. However, it appears Loctite 5910 is only available in Europe. My web searches seemed to indicate that the closest thing to this in the USA is “Loctite 598”. That can be easily ordered online, but is still not at any of my local stores... they all carry Permatex products instead. It seems “Permatex Ultra Black” gasket maker is the closest Permatex product I could find. I looked at all the tech data sheets, and while I’m not a chemical engineer, these three products did seem very similar to me.

Loctite 5910 (Europe only?)

Loctite 598 (Professional distribution only?)

Permatex Ultra Black (Found at my local auto parts store)

All three of these ar Oxime Silicone, thixotropic paste. All are RTV (room temperature vulcanizing). All are oil resistant. And the properties once cured all seem similar to me.

If anyone knows of a substantial difference between these three products, please let me know!

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