Monday, October 9, 2017

Tiger Tools 16" Drill Press

Check out that cast aluminum feed arm! Just bought this beautiful old drill press.
It is a  "Tiger Tools" 16". The 16" refers to the 8" distance between the chuck and the column. It means you could drill a hole in the center of a 16" round work piece.

Apparently it is from the early 50's, likely made in California.

The company "Tiger Tools" seems hard to find, but is likely this place:Tiger Tools, Inc. filed as an Articles of Incorporation in the State of California on Monday, August 17, 1953.
Apparently that company was dissolved in 1955.

Tiger Tools was a subsidiary of Karl-Douglas Associates which was known for making cylinders, valves and even parts for the F-104. Both were acquired by Thompson Products in a stock transaction in 1955 and their Hawthorne, CA operations were consolidated into TP's Bell, CA plant.
More great info from the researchers at OWWM:


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