Sunday, December 17, 2023

Talaria Sting R MX4 LED Brake Light

The stock Talaria Sting R MX4 comes with a tail light that does not function as a brake light. 

If you have some basic electrical skills, it is easy to add one! This post shows how to make a combination running tail lamp and brake light. It illuminates whenever the key is on and gets brighter when you use the brakes. There is a video demo at the bottom of this post.

Now here is an important point: some people disconnect the brake switch connectors at the brake levers. Those are needed for the brake light switch! If you want to disconnect the brake lever switches from the bike's controller so they don't cut the motor when braking, but still want a brake light... see Part 2 at the end of this post.

Before you do any electrical work on the bike, turn off the battery circuit breaker switch and disconnect the battery cable!

I chose this brake light, because the mounting bolts will fit the stock location on the MX4. The bolts are a bit thinner, but they are the same distance apart, 50mm.

This is the proper connector to attach to the MX4 wiring harness. It's known as a Furukawa 3 Pin FW-C connector. I suggest buying a bunch of these so you can use one or two to learn how they are assembled. I would get at least 5 pairs (both male and female).

You have to remove the whole tail section of the bike to get under the seat. Note how the original light is installed before you remove it.

Cut the new light's wiring to be the same as the original and wire up the connector pins. Be sure to put the red plugs on the wires first! The connectors should be crimped with a proper crimper, (but it's probably possible to find another way with some careful work with some needle nose pliers). I soldered them too. You can see that I used some sheathing to protect the wires.

 You should test the wiring yourself, but here is how mine worked:

Here is the completed brake light and harness:

And here is a picture of the original light next to the new one:

Left: original tail light, Right: new brake light

Be careful when you assemble the light on the bike to not crush the wires. To help protect the wires I added some washers to space the light out a bit from the mounting bracket. I also routed the wire off to the side  and above the mounting bolt as shown.

Installed and zip tied in place.

PART 2: Disconnecting the brake switches from the motor cutoff but still making the brake light work.

If you want to disconnect your brake lever switches from the bike's controller so they don't cut the motor but you still want a brake light, then things get more complicated. You will need a second harness. I'm not going to detail all of this, as it is a more complicated project. But I will show the basics.

Basically you need an "adapter harness" to go between the new brake light and the bike's factory harness and to also connect to the brake lever sensors (switches). Here is a basic schematic:

The brake sensors are not shown, but must be wired in parallel so that either lever triggers the brake light. I found the red 2 pin female version of this connector worked to connect to the brake levers.

You can see how I wired the two brake light sensors in parallel to the adapter harness here:

Here is my completed adapter harness:

 And then you put it all together. There you go!

Demonstration video:

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