Saturday, March 31, 2007

Moto Rumi at Cars and Coffee

There is an event every Saturday morning about about 12 miles from my home called Cars and Coffee. It's an amazing impromptu show held from only 7 to 8AM and all sorts of exotic vehicles show up. I was up early this morning and so I pulled my 1955 Moto Rumi Bicarburatore out of the garage and rode it over. This is the same Rumi that I rode twice at the Motogiro (1994 and 1995). When I first woke up at 6:30AM, I didn't really want to get out of bed but then I realized this would be good practice for this years giro. And I have some new boots I wanted to test out.
It's just amazing how the smell and feel of the Rumi just transports me back to Italy. There was a time where shifting with the wrong foot with a backwards pattern was confusing, but now I fall right back into it. And the crisp air and roar of the motor just brought a great grin to my face.
Of course the Moto Rumi was well received at the show, it an amazing bike.
I made it home fine, wiped the Rumi off and tucked it nicely back in the garage. And while my right boot fits perfectly, strangely the left one is quite narrow and really hurt my foot to walk. It was fine on the bike, but you do spend quite a bit of time during the giro walking around before and after the day's ride. So I'll have to try and stretch that boot some...

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