Friday, March 16, 2007

To Do List

I've spent some time getting organized the past few days. I always make lists and after last years giro I noted what things I left with my bike in Italy, what I brought home and what I needed to buy. I had plenty of time to work on this during the long flight home so the list is surprisingly long and detailed.
I bring quite a kit with me to Italy. My first race I actually brought a 70 lb bag of loggage with my riding gear as well as a tool box and a box of spares! Last year I had this down to one 50 pound bag with my riding gear plus a carry-on size bag full of spares and tools. Now I leave the carry-on bag in Italy with many of the tools and spares (including things from spare ignition points to a battery charger to a spare tire tube). But I still need to go through the master list and organize the things to take this year and buy the items that need replacement.
Additionally, I need some new major gear. I already bought a new helmet but I still need new boots and gloves.
For the bike I need to update it's registration and get insurance.
And I need to see a doctor to get written medical approval for the race.
The list is growing every day now... but shortly I should start checking things off as I'm sure I have them.
The biggest near term item happens Tuesday. I recently moved, and my new garage is a complete mess! I have been busy working on other house repairs and have never unpacked anything for the garage. So there are just piles of boxes in there. My goal is to have a much nicer and organized new garage and to make that happen I have ordered a whole set of cabinets to be custom installed. The good news is the installers arrive Tuesday, and after that I'll unpack everything and set up the garage next week. With just a bit of luck I should be completely unpacked by next Friday. And then finding the items on my list should be much easier!

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