Friday, August 23, 2013

Big KTM Tank: KTM 350 EXC-F

One of the main reasons I went from Husky to KTM was the great availability of aftermarket parts. Most critically, I wanted a big tank. My old Husky had a total range of only about 50 miles... that just wasn't working for exploring. So the same day I bought the KTM I also ordered a big tank. I actually negotiated it as part of the purchase deal.
I bought the Orange 13L (3.4g) KTM tank, as it was bigger, but not way bigger than I needed. I should note that I don't think this tank is compatible with the smog canister.
I should also say I'm not sure this tank will fit properly on the new 2014 bikes. You can see the plastic at the junction of the side panel and tank is different on the '14. It may only be a cosmetic issue. But regardless those concerns were one of the reason's I pulled the trigger and bought a 2013.
Here are a few pics:

Mounting it was pretty straightforward.  You do need to use new hardware on the tank as the fittings from the original tank won't fit. That hardware came with my tank. Also note the radiator mounting tabs are unused.
 This confused me for a moment as I thought those tabs might endanger the tank in a fall. But the hardware kit come with rubber bumpers to install in those tabs so all is good! Note the stock horn mount location is on one of these tabs. I moved my horn... more on that in a later post.

Also note you will probably need new hose clamps for your fuel line:

Also, on the first fill I carefully marked the gallons on both sides of the tank.  That often helps to let you know if you can make it to the next gas stop!

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