Sunday, August 25, 2013

Radiator Fan Install, but no Guards: KTM 350 EXC-F

As usual, E-Ticket has done a great job showing how to install the radiator fan:

I can only add a few tips of my own.
Since I'm running the big KTM 13 liter tank, the sides of my radiators are pretty well protected. And the places I ride, mostly the desert, I haven't had any concerns about getting the radiator speared.  Another thing about riding in the desert, you want to maximize your cooling. And I've already mentioned I don't like excess weight... well, so no radiator guards for me. Hopefully I won't get taught a bad lesson for that choice later...

I also endorse E-Ticket's choice of Engine Ice coolant. These bikes don't have catch tanks and Engine Ice is MUCH more environmentally friendly in case of an overflow.

I used the stock thermostat that comes with the kit. Seemed fine. I have heard it go on while waiting for a stop light once.

The rubber boot that covers the thermostat has a small drain hole in the bottom to let water out. But I'd rather not let much in so I zip tied the wire entry tightly closed and filled it with some sensor safe RTV. Some silicones use a acetic acid ingredient to cure... and that acid is bad for electronics and wiring. Be sure to avoid that kind of RTV!  (Good tip from ChasM).

I'll also note that that the wiring was a PITA. The connectors were buried in the harness and had to be dug out. And then getting the bits of wiring and fuse carefully tucked away took some trial and error. I ended up fitting the fuse on the other side of the bike like this:

It's critical that all the wiring be tucked away so there is no rubbing or interference with the gas tank. I don't want a wiring failure way out on the trail somewhere!

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