Saturday, August 24, 2013

Blinkers and Tail Pack: KTM 350 EXC-F

The stock blinkers and license plate holder on the KTM are fine. Well, the blinkers do stick pretty far out and the license plate holder does hang pretty far down...
Putting smaller turn signals on makes them much less vulnerable. A lot of guys use flush mount signals, but that looks too "outlaw" to me, so I just use little LED ones. I found mine on e-Bay and bought a Sicass racing blinker relay (necessary or the LED signals won't blink correctly.) I'll note the first eBay blinkers I bought had some LEDs out in them and I had to buy some more. You might want to test cheap blinkers before mounting them.
For the fender, you can get the under fender and brake light from the KTM XCF-W and they bolt right on. So that was my plan.
While installing the fender and the blinker stuff, I also put a tail bag on the bike. Putting weight way out the back isn't a great idea, but I carry a good amount of tools and safety equipment and like it permanently attached to the bike. I've had good results with the Moose Racing Rear Fender Pack. Note they make two versions of this, one that straps on and one that bolts on. I'm a fan of the bolt on one. Installation was finicky, as you want to put the bolts in just the right place. I got different bolts and washers at the hardware store and carefully marked stuff before drilling any holes. Also note that I bolted mine to the orange upper part of the fender before installing the under fender, I did not drill through to the under fender. But as I said, it is a finicky job to avoid the wires and find a spot for the bolts to go that won't interfere with the fit of the underfender. It took a while.
Here's a pic of the new rear end:

I've had trouble with the blinkers getting water in them when I wash the bike... but a little silicone sealant solves that. I suggest putting it in and letting it dry before mounting the signals.

Here is a pic of the front with the little signals:
The pic above also shows Cyra guards with athe CRM mount. I don't recommend that mount... more on that later.


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  2. Front blinkers are mounted in the stock location. I just substituted the small ones for the originals.